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Heera Design is a professional group of designers gathered to bring a new aesthetic, functionality and identity to the products of their clients based on their needs and the society the products are supplied to. After gaining experience and commercial success as individual designers, the team decided it was time to focus on their job as an independent firm; thus Heera Design was formed and to this day, the success continues.
Based in Tehran/ Iran, Heera Design was formed by Hadi Javaheri, an industrial designer himself. Heera offers vast features to its clients from product to exhibition design, as well as packaging and other services. This Firm has worked with many of the principle consumer product companies based in Iran and also Global brands’ delegates in Iran such as Staedtler and Danette. Many of Heera’s designs are now available in market, covering a wide range, from stationary to food products, and many more consumer products.
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